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      • Ceramic defect solutions

        Ceramic Defect Solution Flow 1. Submit sample defects and establish a third-party testing agency, Zibo Botai Technology Service Co., Ltd. 2. List all the influencing factors that cause the defects and gradually check the details of the spec...

        2019-07-10 admin 807

      • Finished glaze overall solutions

        1. Full-range technical service (formulation of main body formulation and production process parameters) + design + glaze. 2. Train the entire management team so that each department can master the basic theoretical knowledge of ceramics. 3...

        2019-07-10 admin 814

      • Frit glaze product solutions

        Frit glaze product solutions 1, the product range is complete, the internal wall brick frit, the main impervious titanium frit, transparent frit, inkjet frit, zirconium white frit. 2, superior performance, wide range of firing, to meet the...

        2019-07-10 admin 802

      • Thin plate enhancement solutions

        1. Reduce the amount of black mud and improve the strength of ceramic body. 2. The dosage is small, and the dosage is about 1, which is good for the ceramic billet. 3. Thinner brick, especially suitable for quick burn. 4. Suitable for all k...

        2019-07-10 admin 645

      • Porcelain tile body solutions

        1. For floor brick and wall brick with spray drying process. Jun Tao provides the most professional raw material analysis, blank formulation design, as well as the physical and chemical properties of finished brick debugging. 2. For wall br...

        2019-07-10 admin 757

      • Alumina material solutions

        一、Alumina Introduction Alumina, chemical symbol: Al2O3, molecular weight 102, pure alumina is a white amorphous powder, also known as alumina in the mining, ceramics and materials science, density 3.9-4.0g/cm3, melting point 2050 C, boi...

        2018-05-17 admin 700

      • Zirconium silicate,powder solutions

        I. Zircon sand Lets talk about zircon (zircon), which is the most important zirconium-bearing mineral. It is the most widely distributed, most abundant, and most abundant type of zirconium mineral. It is a kind of mineral mainly composed of...

        2018-05-17 admin 950

      • Dry grain product solutions

        Dry grain product solutions 1, crystal grain pattern design + glaze + dry grain + semi-throw + full technical service 2, pure color cast crystal + glaze + dry grain + full technical service 3, wallpaper design + glaze + dry grain + half thr...

        2018-05-17 admin 665

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      • Rock board home life
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