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      Send the best wishes on the holiday, and love juncera

      2022-09-16 15:26:21 Juncera 70

      Send the best wishes on the holiday, and love juncera

      Autumn wind brings cool and osmanthus fragrance. On the occasion of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to make every employee feel the warmth given by the enterprise, and at the same time, to thank everyone for their hard work and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the sense of belonging of employees. With the concern of the leaders of Juncera Company and the hard preparation of the staff, the company distributed Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to all employees on duty, so that every employee could have a successful Mid-Autumn Festival.



      At the scene, the joy of the employees was beyond words, and the heavy welfare brought laughter and happiness to the employees. Everyone expressed their gratitude to the leaders of the company for their care and care for each employee, and they will definitely turn the care given by the company into motivation, take the enterprise as their home, love Juncera, be loyal to Juncera, grasp business and create benefits with high work enthusiasm, and make more contributions to the development of Juncera Company with practical actions!


      A Mid-Autumn Festival welfare represents good wishes and conveys the care of enterprises for employees. Juncera Company is not only a platform for employee development, but also a big family that loves each other, and every employee is a member of the family. Over the years, the leaders of Juncera Company have attached great importance to humanistic care for employees, and distributed intimate and affordable welfare gifts to employees every traditional festival, sending care and blessings to the broad masses of employees, and adding forward momentum to promote the development of enterprises.

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