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      Best wish, Juncera's "her Power"

      2022-03-09 00:34:51 admin 597
                                Best wish, Juncera's "her Power"
             "Fangfei news, apricot tip red", in this spring back to the earth, the warbler flying season, another "38 International Working Women's Day" lightly arrived.  In order to harmonize the corporate culture, demonstrate the humanistic care and express the love for women, Juncera sends holiday wishes to all the female compatriots in the company.  

             Bing Xin has a famous saying: if there are no women in the world, the world will lose at least five tenths of the "truth", six tenths of the "good", seven tenths of the "beauty".  Juncera is more beautiful because of you.  

              Sisters, looking back on the past, we are full of pride, looking forward to the future, we will be more beautiful Jun tao let us in the future work will be more excellent to play their own advantages, for our Jun tao add luster!  

      Once again, I wish all the female a happy holiday, youth, smile and all the best! 

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