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      2018 Spring Recruitment

      2018-05-17 15:55:54 admin 466
      2018 Spring Recruitment
      1 Recruitment position
      According to the needs of the company's overseas development, the company recruited three overseas resident technical service personnel, namely, one Bangladesh branch company, one African regional technical service staff, and one Vietnamese technical service staff.
      2 Recruitment treatment
           2.1 Provides the most systematic and professional pre-job training for ceramics. Newcomers will turn you into a technology enthusiast for a short time, and become a technical expert with work experience.
           2.2 The company provides the most guaranteed welfare benefits. The basic model is basic salary plus 150 yuan per day plus commission for foreign business trips and insurance.
      3 Specific requirements
           3.1 requires men, regardless of age, suitable for long-term foreign travel
           3.2 The English level has certain requirements.
           3.2 Academic qualifications are not limited, but there must be continuous self-learning ability.
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